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TACIR Ophthalmology Clinic

(Advanced Techniques in Implanto-Refractive Surgery)

Estamos ubicados en el Centro Médico Teknon de Barcelona. Somos un centro de referencia en oftalmología por nuestros estándares de calidad y por la utilización de las tecnologías más avanzadas. Nuestra prioridad es ofrecer un trato personal a todos y cada uno de nuestros pacientes.

Eye pathologies we treat

At our ophthalmology clinic in Barcelona, we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of various eye pathologies. Our team of experts will work to provide you with the best medical care, using advanced technology to ensure the visual health of our patients. Learn about the eye pathologies we treat below.

Myopia and hyperopia

There are basically two surgical techniques to correct these defects: laser correction (Lasik) or correction using collagen lenses of the ICL type.

Presbyopia or eyestrain

Presbyopia occurs when the muscle that changes the shape of the lens stops working. This prevents us from being able to focus up close.


Cataract surgery consists of replacing the altered crystalline lens material with an artificial lens.

We don’t just treat, we also prevent

At our ophthalmology clinic in Barcelona, we not only treat existing eye pathologies, but we also focus on prevention. We offer personalized preventive care programs to keep your eye health in top condition and detect any problems before they advance. Find out how we prevent eye diseases.

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Financing our treatments is quick and easy. We adapt to your needs. Ask for more information.

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The aim of the professionals who make up our team is to provide quality, cutting-edge ophthalmology.

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We are located at the Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona. We are a leading centre in ophthalmology due to our quality standards.

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