Eye treatments

Which problems can we solve?

The TACIR Clinic offers a comprehensive service covering all specialities of Ophthalmology. Whatever your eye condition, we will attend to you with professionalism and maximum guarantees. Make an appointment and we’ll talk to you.

Myopia and hyperopia

There are basically two surgical techniques to correct these defects: laser correction (Lasik) or correction using collagen lenses of the ICL type.

Presbyopia or eyestrain

Presbyopia occurs when the muscle that changes the shape of the lens stops working. This prevents us from being able to focus up close.


Cataract surgery consists of replacing the altered crystalline lens material with an artificial lens.


Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous diseases in existence because it can lead to irreversible blindness.

Retina and macula

This field of ophthalmology includes interventions such as retinal detachment or the appearance of myodesopsia or floaters.

Tear ducts

We carry out tear quality analysis and tear duct probing to remove any possible obstruction.

Dry eye

Incorrect lubrication of the ocular surface causes a sensation of dryness. We have the most advanced solutions to remedy this.

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