What tests do you need?

Consult all the tests performed at our centre here. The latest technology combined with exquisite treatment for accurate diagnoses.

Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy

Ultrasound allows us to scan the structures of the anterior part of the eye with great precision.

Visual field

Detection of those areas of our visual field where our vision has been reduced to a greater or lesser extent.

Eye ultrasound

The ultrasound scanner is the instrument used to examine the structures of the posterior segment in depth.

Corneal scan

Topography is the diagnostic test that provides an image of the surface of the cornea and the different thicknesses and defects it may present.

Retinal scan

High resolution image of the different layers that make up the retina and its structures (retina, macula and optic nerve).

Optic nerve scan

The optic nerve scan or papillary tomography allows us to obtain a high-resolution image of our optic nerve.


Knowing the condition of the internal structures of the eye is essential for our eye health.

Intraocular pressure

An increase in intraocular pressure causes serious damage to our eyes. Keeping it under control is very important.

Endothelial cell count

Endothelial cells are found in the innermost layer of the cornea. Keeping them in good condition is essential for maintaining healthy vision.


Refraction is one of the most important tests performed daily in the clinic to obtain the exact prescription of each eye.


High resolution image of our retina. Thanks to it we can detect if there is any important lesion.

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