Autumn: time of allergies

We tend to think that spring is the only time of year for allergies. It is certainly the period in which the most important flowering of plants occurs. But we must not deny that some plants are producing a second flowering in the autumn. This causes pollen levels to increase considerably again and allergic people to suffer the consequences.

What are allergies?

An allergy is an excessive reaction of the organism to external agents. There are certain people who are more susceptible to some agents such as plant pollen, dust, acars, animal hair or insect bites. When these elements enter the organism, either through the airways or directly into the bloodstream, they produce a series of physical and chemical reactions. One of the substances released in these reactions is histamine, which causes the typical symptoms of allergies: skin spicy, weeping eyes, sneezing and increased mucus.

Autumnal allergic conjunctivitis

Inflamation, spiciness, whining, redness… These are the symptoms that manifest over our eyes when autumn allergy appears. The most effective solution is the use of antihistamines that reduce these effects. Although it is always desirable to pre-octalmologist to rule out that this is not another type of conjunctivitis such as bacteria, since it should then be treated differently.

Aside antihistamines, symptoms can also be slightly alleviated by using artificial tear or physiological serum over the eyes.

How to avoid it

Avoiding it is almost impossible because the agents that cause it are mainly in the air. What we can do is minimise the risks. For example, as far as possible, to prevent external activities during the early morning hours. It is in this period that there is a greater increase in the level of pollen in the environment.

It is also desirable to keep the windows closed, in order to prevent the entry of these agents, both home and car, if we are going to make a move. Of course, the use of towels, headscarves or even glasses that have been used by someone else must always be avoided. This will prevent the spread of infection. And it is always very convenient to wash your hands frequently to keep them free of allergens.

Follow these simple tips and you can enjoy calmly one of the most beautiful stations of the year.

Forever doubt we have to go to the doctor or ophthalmologist who will give us the most appropriate treatment to our visual problem.