Can eye bags be removed?

How to eliminate bags under the eyes?

The incessant passing of the years, not taking proper care of ourselves, ignoring the warning signs… are factors that cause our body to age progressively and, sometimes, more quickly than would be desirable. And like any other part of our body, the skin also ages, making it clearly visible that the passage of time is inevitable.

In the case of our skin, this aging becomes even more evident, since it is the organ that we have most in sight. And specifically our face is where the passing of the years is most manifested. And more specifically, it is even more about our eyes, in our gaze, where our age is revealed in a clearer and more concise way.

Some say that the eyes are the gaze of the soul. We do not know if this is 100% true, but what we are sure of is that they reflect quite clearly the years we have. For this reason, a look with many wrinkles, spots on the skin, drooping upper eyelids, or incipient bags on the lower eyelids are indicators that the years do not pass in vain.

What are the bags in the lower eyelids?

Many times we do not take it into account but the skin is one more organ, in fact it is the largest organ of our body and the most extensive. Over the years our skin, like any other organ in the body, ages. The skin becomes more and more flaccid, less smooth and more elastic, that is, it hangs more. If we add to this that a significant amount of fat can accumulate in the lower eyelids, the result is “pretty” and unsightly eyelid bags. That is to say, the bags around the eyes, or rather in the lower eyelids, are just that: an accumulation of skin and fat that distorts our gaze and often makes us lose many more years than we really have.

And do bags also appear on the upper eyelids?

Contrary to what happens in the lower eyelids, hardly any fat accumulates in the upper eyelids. But on the contrary, a lot of skin does accumulate, forming folds and wrinkles that, as we will see below, can have really uncomfortable effects, even affecting our visual capacity.

What implications does this accumulation of skin and/or fat have?

In the upper eyelids, the accumulation of skin can have consequences that go beyond beauty. In addition to being really unsightly, they can have functional implications. In other words, if the accumulation reaches significant levels, the eyelid will weigh so much that it will reduce our vision, in such a way that it will prevent us from doing daily tasks normally because our visual field will be reduced. In short, we will see less and worse.

As for the accumulation of skin and fat in the lower eyelids, in addition to being much more unsightly, it can cause dry eye problems or just the opposite, constant tearing and weeping. This is because the eyelid will weigh so much that it exposes its inner part, preventing it from closing normally and, therefore, from being able to properly lubricate our eye by blinking. Poor lubrication causes dryness, which in turn can cause redness on one side and constant tearing on the other. The latter is a defense mechanism of the eye to try to lubricate the eye at all costs.

How to eliminate them?

Depending on the phase in which the formation of the pockets is found, we can opt for different treatments.


In the initial phases there are treatments such as carboxytherapy that are capable of reducing their size and, above all, slowing down their progress .

In addition to treating eyelid bags, carboxytherapy treatments are very effective in eliminating dark circles.

The treatment consists of subcutaneous microinfiltration of small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the area to be treated. This gas has a very beneficial effect to improve circulation and promote the production of elastin and collagen. These two substances are key to recovering lost smoothness, eliminating wrinkles, reducing dark circles and giving the skin a much more rejuvenated appearance.

‍The treatment can be carried out in consultation, it lasts approximately half an hour and does not cause any pain. At the end of the procedure, the patient can return home calmly on his own feet and can lead an absolutely normal life from the first day.


If Carboxytherapy would be the aesthetic solution, blepharoplasty is the surgical option. Yes, it is true that it is a much more drastic option, but also much more effective. In fact, it is the only option in cases where the accumulation of skin and fat is already so pronounced that it cannot be removed in any other way.

The intervention consists of the removal of excess skin and accumulated fat. It is a slightly more aggressive treatment, which is why it is performed under local anesthesia and sedation so that the patient does not feel any pain. After the intervention, the patient can go home on his own feet, although it is true that during the first hours he may feel some pain that can be mitigated with the intake of some analgesic.

Recovery is a little slower since the incision must heal performed and then the stitches must be removed. ‍

In the beginning, in the first 3 or 4 days, bruises will appear in the periocular area that will be reabsorbed during the first week.

After about 15 or 20 days, any sign of the intervention will have disappeared and the skin will return to its usual color.

The main benefit is that bags or droopy eyelids are permanently eliminated and, above all, that the skin recovers its tone. and the look becomes much more youthful.

How to prevent its appearance?

As in many pathologies, prevention is always the best solution. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol consumption as well as eating a balanced diet, low in saturated fats, in combination with regular facial care using creams and anti-aging treatments is the best way to prevent bags from developing excessively.

Where can I have these treatments?

In our center we have all kinds of aesthetic treatments, many of them anti-aging, which will help you always maintain a young and fresh look.

Our specialists will be able to guide you and offer you the solution that best suits your needs. Contact us and we will advise you without obligation.