Prevent and treat glaucoma using the SLT laser

Being at the forefront of the latest technologies is always a determining factor in being able to provide the best treatment to our patients. Recently, we have added the Easyret laser to our practice for the treatment of glaucoma.

‍The main problem associated with glaucoma is ocular hypertension. This fact can have as a consequence a very pronounced decrease in our vision that will be very difficult to recover, or even in the total loss of vision. For these reasons, the most important thing in a patient diagnosed with glaucoma is to receive treatment as soon as possible.

‍Until now the alternatives were basically two: the application of eye drops (drops) or surgical treatment. Now, with the new SLT laser, we can perform a treatment called Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

‍Basically, it involves making a series of shots on the filtering mesh (trabeculum) that is responsible for regulating the pressure of our eye. The action of the laser acts on the trabecular tissue causing an inflammatory reaction -not destructive- remodeling the tissue. The result is a notable improvement in the circulation of the aqueous humor -liquid that circulates inside the eye-, and which results in a notable drop in intraocular pressure

‍‍‍The advantage of this treatment is that it can be performed in the office -it does not require hospital admission-, it is completely painless and does not last more than 10 minutes per eye. Thanks to this treatment we managed to reduce intraocular pressure by 30% from practically the first moment. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated after a few months to ensure its effectiveness.

‍The degree of patient satisfaction is very high since there are hardly any complications or side effects and they are able to lead their normal lives from the first minute.

SLT laser machine