Beach, sun and heat. How to protect our eyes?

Beach, swimming pool, sun and heat. The advent of good weather makes days longer and temperatures better. It is also the time of the holiday, and therefore we have more time to enjoy outdoor activities.

But it is also the time when we are most exposed to agents that can damage our eyes: the increased incidence of UV rays, the chlorine of the swimming pool, the salt of sea water, etc.

What elements must we protect against?


We must protect ourselves against UV radiation from solar rays throughout the year, but especially in the summer. The best way to be protected is by using sunglasses. Yes, we must always ensure that they are homologated glasses, with the right filters and that they carry the CE symbol. The use of unhomologated glasses can seriously damage our eyes, causing serious injury, especially in cornea, conjunctiva or retina.


Salt from the sea or chlorine from the pool are irritating agents that affect our eyes. The use of swimming glasses will help to protect us not only from these irritating agents, but also from possible bacterial infections that can lead to the emergence of owls, conjunctivitis or other eye-afforestation.

-Air conditioning:

During the summer months where temperatures are higher, we tend to misuse air conditioning. It should be borne in mind that prolonged exposure to these devices can generate dryness and eye irritation. Above all, we must avoid putting ourselves close to the direct current they generate. And in any case make use of artificial tear to keep eyes properly hydrated.

-Sun protection cream

Although it may seem foolish, we must be careful when applying solar protection. We must prevent him from coming into contact with his eyes. To do so could cause irritation and anger. If this is the case, it is best to wash the eye area with abundant water to eliminate any waste.

Contact Lens Users

If you are a user of contact lenses, you must be very careful. They must always be cleaned up correctly and frequently. We must always avoid taking the bath with them and, above all, not using them any longer than indicated.

The use of contact lenses in no way acts as a protective agent against solar rays. Contact lenses do not carry any kind of filter that can protect us from UV radiation. They must always be used alongside good sunglasses to ensure protection. They do not protect against chlorine or against sea water. The contact lenses are very permeable so that both chlorine and salt from sea water would affect us exactly as if we did not bring contact lenses, with the added danger that we could lose them in water.

Outdoor sports

The fact that we enjoy more hours of sun and more free time makes us more encouraged to practise outdoor sports. We must remember the importance of always protecting ourselves with the right goggles. For example, sunglasses are better closed to avoid the incidence of UV rays from any angle. If we do ball sports, we have to know that there are very strong glasses capable of coping with impacts to protect our eyes.

In short, summer is the time when we are all willing to enjoy life more. We have more free time to be with ours and devote more time to our hobby.

Following these advices will make us able to do so without any oversight.In any case, if we find that any of the above-mentioned eye problems appear, it is best to always go to the ophthalmologist to assess the problem and give us the most appropriate treatment.

Happy summer!