Interesting tips for runners

The real boom that has been the practice of running in recent years is well known. There really has been a phenomenon of personal overtake, in which both those of us who already practised it more or less assiduously, and those of us who have just started, have felt the need to accumulate more and more kilometres and overcome our brands. The situation has reached such a point that a 10K or a half marathon is almost a training for some. Now who more who is less already doing marathons, ironmans or other high-resistance tests that require a great deal of effort and preparation.

A differential factor that has probably caused this fever to go out on the streets, the sendes and the mountains would be the economic crisis. After all, running is one of the cheapest sports.

Parallel to the increase in the number of runners, and favored the gradual exit from the crisis and the improvement of the economy, there was also an increase in the acquisition of different control devices, gadgets, technical clothing and accessories in general for the practice of this sport.

Sunglasses as a protective item

One of the most important protective accessories is goggles. In principle, they can be used either graduate or ungraded, alone or transparent, and can have different shapes and sizes. Although the ideal for ensuring maximum eye protection is that they are sunglasses, graduated – if necessary – and as closed as possible to prevent the entry of strange bodies.

Their use is more than advisable mainly for two reasons: on the one hand they protect us from the UV radiation from solar rays that can cause burns and injuries in the cornea, and on the other hand they protect us from the possible input of strange objects that could cause small erosions or wounds on the corneal surface.

The most recommended type of filter will depend on the sensitivity to sunlight of each person. There are those who need to use very dark filters that prevent the maximum input of light and there are people with less sensitivity who can use glasses with very dim filters.

Refractive defect management

The main problem that corridors can be found to use sunglasses is that they suffer from some sort of refractive defect – myopia, hypermetropy or astigmatism – which prevents them from seeing properly and running safely. In these cases, the Finners have three options:

  • The use of graduated glasses.
  • The use of contact lenses plus the encimous sunglasses.
  • The surgical correction of the refractive defect.

The main advantage of this latter option is that it is a definitive solution, which will allow us to forget forever about having to re-grade our glasses or ask for new contact lenses.

There are two surgical techniques to correct refractive defects: surgery via Excimer or LASIK lasers, or ICL-type collagen lenses. The choice of one technique or another will depend primarily on the anatomical features of our eyes. The main deference between them is the reversibility of surgery. What does that mean? That the technique using ICL-type collagen lenses is completely reversible, as it consists of implanting a lens within the eye that can at any time be removed and replaced by another. Instead, the laser technique is to modify the shape of the cornea by highly controlled and precise microburning. This remodeled fabric will no longer be able to recover or replace it. In any case, these are widely tested and safe surgical techniques, which have all the guarantees.

At the end of the day it is a matter of each choosing, according to their own discretion, the option best suited to their needs in order to be able to continue to practice their favourite sport and to maintain a healthy and healthy rate of life.