Diabetic monitoring

Monitoring for diabetics

Diabetics are more prone to developing retina-related diseases such as AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) or glaucoma. The only way to keep these diseases at bay is to have a complete check-up on a regular basis.

‍We offer you this pack of tests specifically designed for diabetics with which we will thoroughly examine the back of the eye and the structures that make it up. It is obviously especially recommended for diabetics, but also for those who have a family history of the disease and are more likely to develop it.

This check-up includes:

Retinal scan

High resolution image of the different layers that make up the retina and its structures (retina, macula and optic nerve).


High resolution image of our retina. Thanks to it we can detect if there is any important lesion.


Knowing the condition of the internal structures of the eye is essential for our eye health.

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