Fundus check-up

Inside the eye is one of the most important structures of our visual system: the retina. This is where the images of what we see are focused, so keeping it healthy and in good condition is essential.

‍Through this check-up we carry out an exhaustive examination of the state of your retina and the different structures that make it up: retina, macula and optic nerve.

It is indicated for patients of any age, but especially if they have noticed a marked decrease in their vision, see floating spots or see shadows that limit part of their visual field (in the latter case it is especially urgent that you go for an ophthalmological examination).

This check-up includes:

Retinal scan

High resolution image of the different layers that make up the retina and its structures (retina, macula and optic nerve).


High resolution image of our retina. Thanks to it we can detect if there is any important lesion.


Knowing the condition of the internal structures of the eye is essential for our eye health.

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